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Corfu Old Town

Walking through Corfu’s Old Town you‘ll come across the most characteristic building of Corfu, Liston. Liston was built on the 18th century during the French rule and is of Venetian architecture. This building hosts various cafeterias and restaurants and is one of the busiest passings for locals and tourists. 

It is really worth visiting Spianada, the biggest and most beautiful park of Greece in Corfu which once hosted the area for military activities of the old fortress, and now is a charming green park with trees, statues, pathways, monuments and benches as well as a cricket field.


Kanoni is a beautiful area of Corfu just a couple of km from the town, rich in nature, culture and history, as it used to be, in the past, the capital and heart of Corfu. Its name was derived from a canon that was placed at this area on 1798 to protect the city. Kanoni hosts some of the finest hotels, restaurants and cafes in Corfu that all offer an amazing view to Panagia Vlacherna church and the Pontikonisi (Mouse Island), the two characteristics of Kanoni.

Panagia Vlacherna church was constructed the 17th century and is a really charming chapel with a tall bell tower and great location “floating” on a lagoon.

The legendary Pontikonisi is a tiny green island at Kanoni located at the entrance of Halikiopoulou lagoon right opposite Corfu airport. On this island there is a monastery with a church that was built during Otto’s reign and is dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ. Right outside Vlacherna church you’ll find few boats that can drive you to the Mouse Island during the tourist season.

Mount Pantokrator

Mount Pantokrator at 906 meters is the highest mountain of Corfu which offers an amazing panoramic view of the island. Many choose to hike up the mountain, others drive. The walking journey can take about 7 hours but the bourn is unique. On the top of the mountain you’ll find a monastery built between the 17th and 19th century after it was destroyed on the 15th century.

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