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Paleokastritsa Apartments & Studios


Verdant hills, olive trees, citrus trees, a great variety of plants, sinuous coastline, plenty of coves to be discovered, sandy beaches, crystal clear water are the components of the colourful pallet that Paleokastritsa unfolds before your eyes. This incomparably beautiful village is located at the central western coast of the island yet is no more than half an hour drive from Corfu town.

The international fame of Paleokastritsa should be attributed to the beautiful green and blue waters of its sea, to the golden beaches and to the numerous caves (many of them visitable) that can be found along its coastline. At the central beach, one can rent a boat for an unforgettable tour in the magnificent caves and at remote beaches. Furthermore, if you consider yourself an adventurous scuba-diver, well…this the place for you! Should you prefer the trip with a speed boat or a sailer, Alipa port offers such facilities.

The indisputably worth visiting monastery of “Zoodohos Pigi” is just a 15 and 25-minute walk from Korina and Fotini apartments, respectively.

In Paleokastritsa, one may also enjoy the very best view on the island, provided he/she makes his/her way through the short yet gnarled path towards the Byzantine castle “Angelokastro”! Some few minutes on a rough path and then…lo and behold!

Added to the above, the area of Paleokastritsa offers plenty of services that can easily meet your daily (and nightly) needs. Our apartments are in a close distance (no more than a 5-minute walk) from supermarkets, restaurants, tourist shops, bars and pubs.

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